July 2012- January 2014

Thursday, January 10, 2013


Sounds like things in Utah are well? Minus the smog and the freezing weather. We met with one of the Relief Society Presidents ( there are two relief societies in our ward) last night and she was telling us about her trip to Utah. As she was telling us about the inversion and bitter cold of Logan, it warmed my heart. Ha is it ridiculous that I miss nasty air and my hair turning into icicles?  

Well, school doesn’t start until the 16th ….. BUT that being said, yesterday was stupendous. We had the opportunity to have Elder Callister, a General Authority, come to our sacrament meeting. Elder Viarell (sp?) also came he is our area authority. They took some time in sacrament meeting and instructed us for Sunday school. The neat thing about yesterday was that all of our meetings were centered on the atonement of Jesus Christ. But the best part is that 5 people who we have been working with came. I couldn't have picked a better meeting to come to. The spirit was so strong and anyone who left the meeting definitely knows that we believed that we are saved only through Christ. I tell you what; I had a stupid grin on my face all day. I can’t think of something that could bring me more joy than being in a place that I love, listening to something that I believe in with people I love.

Times in College Park are getting exciting! We are seeing a lot of interest so we are teaching a lot. One of our friends is so awesome and she is coming to church. She texted us randomly on Saturday and asked, “Stupid question, but do I start reading the Book of Mormon from the beginning or are there certain chapters I should read?” Cool right? We see her tomorrow and I am excited to sit down and talk to her more.
In other exciting news….. We got home to our apartment only to find it swarming with police officers and fire men. We asked someone what happened and they said “ma’am, all we can tell you right now is that there was a small fire.” My companion and I knew something was up, so upon further investigation (asking the office mission couple), we found that there was a murder. So…. since I can’t read the news …. Will you search the Lubbock news? It happened on Friday and it should have made the front page. (We are in Lubbock, what else would make the front page?)

I’m doing really great here. I may not have below freezing weather or smog… But I’m doing the Lord’s work and that makes all the difference. Hey, I love you guys and pray for you! Take care!

Love, Sister Luke