July 2012- January 2014

Thursday, July 5, 2012


It is official.  Laura is in the MTC!  Had some last minute delays.  Rainy day and traffic was slow. . . 1 hr late in arriving.  Did the official drop off at curbside.  Some smiles and a lot of tears.   Greeters were reassuring.  

Two old roommates already in MTC & 1st Cousin going in next week.  So there will be friendly faces.  Even though a little sad to see her go we are reassured that she will be with like minded companions and may even run into an acquaintance or two.  

Mom & Dad have been busy getting everything done and doing special activities.  Did the hike in the mountains which was fun because Laura's nieces and nephews were able to come too.  Had some of Laura's favorite meals.  Since they ride bicycles a lot in the Lubbock Texas Mission, we had to make a choice on one that would serve needs well and hopefully provide some transportation at college as well as some recreation when she gets home.  After all, with all the bike riding she is doing on the mission, Laura will undoubtedly have thighs of steel when she gets back. (Dad's not Mom's comment) Since July 4 fell on a Wed, not only did we get to spend an extra day with Laura, we were also able to have the traditional water games in the back yard . . . which of course had its share of water fights.  The nieces and nephews especially enjoyed ganging up on Aunty Laura and soaking her to the bone!  There were some tearful goodbyes and well wishes as well.  

We will be updating this blog from Laura's weekly e-mail and as all missionary parents do, we will look forward to Christmas and Mothers day phone calls.  So if you want to keep updated on Laura, we hope you will enjoy this Blog . . . We will try not to bore you too much.

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