July 2012- January 2014

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Family and Friends!
Thank you so much for the emails, packages and letters! I loved them so much! I am absolutely thrilled to see pictures of our new little addition! But I don't even know what you guys decided her name to be, Ruby?? Whatever her name maybe, she is absolutely adorable. And sounds like you are all in for an exciting weekend in Vegas! Love it. Don't get too wild without me there to keep you under control. :) And I am so excited to hear about Maryanne, your neighbor. Dad, that story just made me so excited to help people in Lubbock. I have been sharing your missionary story with practically everyone I come in contact with. I see Elder Bracken pretty often, he looks like he is loving it! He is such an outgoing boy, no doubt that he will do such a great job. Every time I see him I have to resist the urge to run and give him a hug and call him LUKIE!!!! 
This week in the MTC has been bomb. I love my classes. My teachers are so amazing and I love to just listen to them. But this past week I have been trying to be taught by the spirit and it changes everything. Seriously, I get twice out of a lesson now. A couple days ago we talked about teaching and acting upon the spirit, you all know how I have always struggled with that. Well, we listened to a talk by Elder Bednar which completely changed my outlook on this subject. basically he said if you feel like you should do something good, it's of the spirit. It doesn't have to be this overwhelming feeling that you must do NOW. This thought was so simple but it definitely changed my outlook on this. Also in class we do a lot of role plays, which I guess they didn't do much before my district got here. But it is such a powerful way to learn how to teach. We teach our teachers as if they were investigators. This is the most stressful part of my day because this is the way the teacher assesses if you are actually learning what they have taught us. A couple of these, Sister Peterson have completely failed. Ha so they are quite the humbling experiences. But God shows us our weaknesses only to make them our strengths, right?
So embarrassing moment for the week, I was helping with an orientation for the new elders that were coming in to the MTC on Wednesday. It was me, the Zone leaders, and all of the new elders. I was a little confused why my Branch President wanted me there, because I thought I only helped if we had new sisters. Well, we were going around the room explaining our background like where we are going, where are we from, you know questions like that. Well, I was the very last and I told them a little about me, then I said "And to be honest, I'm not exactly sure why I'm here." (then I thought I would be funny) I said: " I just wanted to come and check you all out." I swear, I meant that in the most innocent way possible. Just, you know, see the new people coming in. Well, it was not taken in the innocent way I had meant it. All the elders busted out laughing, and said "ooh Sister Luke". I blushed and sat down. Now I just look like a creepy 22 year old sister praying on 19 year old boys. We have new elders and sisters coming in today so lets see if I can do a better job this time.
In the past couple days, we have had some really great devotionals! Jenny Oaks Baker came on Sunday night. She is Elder Oaks daughter and she is an amazing Violinist! It was such a good meeting. I really loved it! Also on Sunday, for sacrament meeting, they do this awful thing were everyone has to prepare a talk and then they just call two elders or sisters up on the spot. Not my idea of an enjoyable meeting. At the beginning of the meeting, I felt like my comp was going to give the talk so I told her so. And I was right, she did have to participate by saying the prayer. And then I realized that I received the revelation for the wrong person. DUNDUNDUN! It was me! ah! I think my Branch President likes to see me squirm. (just kidding I really love that man, he's amazing) So I stood and gave my 3 minute talk. And would you believe it, the time was up before I even realized it.
So I have my flight Itinerary! The flight leaves Monday morning. So, expect a call! 
Ah I love you all soooo much! Thanks for all the support and prayers. Take Care.
Love, Sister Luke

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