July 2012- January 2014

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hello there family!
My it have felt like forever. But in reality, not even one week. Well Mom and Dad, thank you so much for that package! I loved it. We haven't really done much family history yet so hopefully I will need it sometime and you didn't go to all that work for nothing. And my and my companions loved the "dots" as a midnight snack last night.   
Life in the MTC was like nothing I could have anticipated. My companion is from Pleasant Grove and is 22. she just graduated college as an X-ray tech. We couldn't be more different. Which is exactly what I need! She is like a red personality that likes things to be done on time and in control. I think I'm a little more of a free spirit so she helps me focus on what is most important. AND she makes me on time. I think we all know how much I can struggle with that. And I teach her patience. ha it's a good set up we have going. So therefore, exactly what I need. I am so grateful for her spirit. I definitely learn from her a lot. We have one other companionship in our room and they are pretty great also. We all get along very well, and have gotten real close (even though it's only been 6 days). My district is great! We have 5 elders in our group all going to Tempe, Arizona. We have all gotten quite close because we are in class like 8 hours a day!
In my classes, I expected they would teach us deep doctrine knowledge. But again I was taken by surprise! They take us back to the very basics of our church and beliefs, because that is how we will have to teach those not familiar with our church. Role plays are key here. At first, they are so awkward. Because I have never been an actor but it is really effective to empathize with others and put yourself in their position. But the main thing they try to teach us is how to teach with the spirit. I have learned here that I have absolutely no convincing power. Only the spirit can reach those who we teach. This has been such a humbling experience, I have nothing except to rely on the Lord, and of course my companion. We have the opportunity to teach our teachers in a role play, I just can't help be think of Brandon every time! I want to know what it would be like to teach him!
I'm not going to lie it is a difficult adjustment! But I think I'm coming around now! Hali and Chanae help me so much! I see them quite frequently which brightens my day every time! They just encourage me so much!
 I met an Elder Starky, he is a teacher here and recognized me from the stake, he said he would tell you guys hello for me!
Man, we only have 30 minutes to email and the clock is ticking! But dear family, I want to know what is going on with you? Emily, baby??? I can't wait to see pictures. A good way to talk to me is DearElder.com, because of limited time on the emails. But I just love you all so much! Being here and talking to the other sisters make me so grateful I have the family that I do! So blessed! Take care and I Love you all so much! Auntie Kisses to the little ones!
Love, Sister Luke

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