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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Hi Mama and Papa and family,

I’m sad to hear about Grandpa. I know that must be very discouraging for him. I love my grandpa so much! I’m always going to be proud of my tittle “little blonde” I’ll never forget it. I’m not going to lie, this news makes me a little homesick (basically the first time since I’ve been out), and in situations like this it’s nice to be with your family. You are all in my prayers, especially Grandpa and mom. It’s times like these that I just wish I could be with you and give you a hug and maybe cry a little. If you need to relay any information to me, you can always call the mission home.

IMG_1009.JPGThis week has been pretty good. We got a call Saturday night telling us that my companion is leaving and I am staying in Amarillo and getting a new companion. The only things I know about her is she is really good at math and super smart, and Asian.  I’m really sad to see my old companion go. She has been an awesome trainer. We’ve had so many great memories! I am excited to have some great experiences with my new companion also. If my biggest fear is change, I’m going to be getting over that quick here on the mission.

Our friend has been really busy this week. We’ve only had really short lessons. It doesn’t really give us the opportunity to feel the spirit. Our friend knows everything we have taught is true; but still struggles with a modern day prophet. I asked if our friend has listened to him speak and our friend reluctantly stated “no”. I said that in our next lesson, we are going to watch a talk given by our prophet in this past General Conference.  I told our friend that you cannot judge whether or not our prophet is called of God without even listening to him! This drives me nuts. So many people here just discredit the prophet or Book of Mormon based on hearsay or what their preacher tells them. How many of these people actually pick up the Book of Mormon and follow Moroni’s promise and read the book and pray about it? Few to none. The only way you are going to know is to experiment upon the words.  
We’ve spent a lot of time knocking and finding new investigators. I think I am really starting to get the hang of this. On Saturday, my companion and I were testifying to all that would open their door! We were able to leave a lot of Book of Mormons and make some follow up appointments. Such a blessing! A member brought her friend to church. She walked right up to me and said “I would like you all to come over to have a bible study”. We said, “Well, if we have to….” Just kidding! We were thrilled!! The Lord is preparing people!

On Sunday, I had to give a talk. I have been pondering and praying about what subject to speak about. I asked the 1st councilor what he wanted me to speak on, and he said missionary work. So I decided to speak on my most favorite sentence out of Peach my Gospel. “When your understanding of the atonement increases, so does your desire to share the gospel.” I truly felt guided on the things I needed to say. Man, I’m ashamed that I am just now figuring this out, but the spirit is the best study guide and testifier. When I spoke, the spirit prompted me to say things that I did not plan on saying. One of my investigators said that he could feel the spirit in sacrament meeting. It’s amazing what can happen when everyone is in tune with the spirit!  
Thanks for your letters. I love reading them! I love y’all! 

Sister Luke

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