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Monday, July 30, 2012

Never fear!

Family and Friends!
        Never fear! I’m  happy and alive in Amarillo, TX! My oh my, what a
week! Missionary time is so weird, it feels like it was just yesterday
that I was hoping on a plane to Texas, but at the same time…. I feel
like I’ve been here for an eternity! Boy do I have stories for ya’ll
(“you all” does not exist down here in Texas).
Landing in Texas:
        So I landed in Lubbock and who was there to meet us (Sister Peterson,
Elder Losse, and Some Spanish speaking elder, and me) but the
President and Sister Augustin and the Assistants. Sister Agustin
Greeted us with a big hug, I could tell I was going to like her
already. We got all of our luggage and Sister Peterson and I rode with
the Augustins. We got the mission home, which is a nice cozy home ( I
was expecting it to be in a building or something.) They took such
good care of us, it was so nice to be in a home again! Sister Peterson
and I spent the night there which was lovely! They took us to go get
bikes (which I absolutely love! Purple was a fantastic choice. It’s an
awesome bike!) And out for lunch the next day. It was a nice relaxing
day with good food. Then I thought “hey, I don’t know what everyone
was telling me, mission life is nice and easy.” Then I thought, “Oh
wait, this is the calm before the storm.” Ha. President is a really
great man. He has had a lot of interactions with apostles because he
is basically the church PR guy. He coached President Hinckley in his
interview with that big name reporter (forgot his name). While I was
staying with the Augustins, they told me I was going to Amarillo,
Companion and Apartment:
        My companion is Sister Crane. Funny story! I knew her my freshman
year at Utah State. We lived in the same building. She’s great.
Everyone called her Sister smiley. And it’s true! She just smiles
people right to baptism. We are close to the other sisters in our
zone, and they are awesome too! We have an awesome view of the pool .
But the Appartment is nice except the two garbage bags that are in
fact our shower curtains.
Amarillo Skies:
        So Amarillo is amazing. (Are you surprised I said that, so am I).
Everyone told me you definitely aren’t going for the scenery, but they
failed to mention that the skies are gorgeous. Sure no mountains, but
that just gives the opportunity to see more of the sky.  Part of the
reason why the sky is so beautiful is because it is in tornado alley,
I know mom your worst nightmare. The other day, Sister Crane and I
were teaching a lesson when the LOUDEST sirens I have ever heard went
off. I started to panic, when they told me they test the sirens every
month. “Nothing like the last Friday of the month to get the juices
going”.  Everywhere you go, cicadas are sounding in the trees, it
makes me feel like I’m in a tropical rainforest or something.  Oh and
remember how I thought I didn’t need to worry about finding good water
because I’m in the states for heaven sake? Well I guess the water
tastes like oil and rocks here and turns your teeth a lovely yellow
brown. We drink out of water bottles here. Everyone does.  But I
definitely know I was meant to be here because the people are so nice!
So far, I’ve only encountered 1 semi rude person. When we knock doors,
people say I may not be interested in joining a new religion, but I am
voting for a Mormon.
I can’t go into much detail about others that I have met. But just
know that they are amazing. It’s weird how I just instantly love
everyone that I come into contact here. I have really come to know the
scripture “we talk of Christ, We rejoice in Christ.” (2 Nephi 25:26)
That’s all I do here. It’s great!
Oh man, I love you all Please take care of yourself!

Ps Pictures next week!

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