July 2012- January 2014

Monday, August 6, 2012

Wow, I can’t believe another week has past. It went by in a blur.
Sorry a letter is going in the mail today. It contains information
like how much I loved that package you sent. The blanket was
absolutely beautiful. Now it makes sense why Jane found an amazing
deal on “sheets” and you asked me what some of my favorite colors
were. So on P day, I only have an hour to email so I think if you want to send me emails, I’ll just print them off and read them later and write you a letter in response. But I always like getting things in
the mail. So it’s really whatever you want or have time for. I know
life is so busy. Speaking of busy, how is Grand Kids Camp preparation coming along? David and Goliath sounds like it will be so fun. And are you doing anything fun for Grandpa’s Birthday. And Denise. Has she come to town yet? I remember going to pick her up from the airport and she looked like mom’s twin. That was crazy. Jer and Trena, How is the house coming along? I hope it’s more than just a hole in the ground now. And to my two new mothers, I hope all is well with those precious little babies! This week has been just as busy as the first.

Texas Life
It is Hot. That’s all you need to know. Some days as we are knocking
doors we look absolutely miserable and people will tell us that they
really admire our willingness to get out in the heat, but alas, they
are happy with their religion. But I think my body will adjust to the
heat. (Hopefully) One day Sister Crane and I had to sit in the car
with our arms up to dry out our armpits just before an appointment.
(Ok, maybe that was too much information.)
I love Bike Days. President requires us to get out on our bikes
at least once a week. But I want more. Biking with a skirt isn’t nearly
as hard as would have imagined! And bike shorts help!
Sometimes in Amarillo I feel like I haven’t left Utah because Churches
dot every corner of this city. But the difference is that they are all not LDS church s. They range from Hillside Christian, Baptist, Church of Science, and Cowboy Church. I am definitely in the Bible belt. My comp and I like to play this game where we make up names of churches to see if they exist. Turns out there are 209 different churches listed in the phone book. And those are the ones just listed. Crazy.

This past Saturday, We had a baptism! .
On Friday, it was the day of service! We helped a member tear up his bathroom. So fun. We got to take sludge hammers to the tile in his bathroom. It was epic. We worked with the sisters in the other district.
We all need a friend in the gospel. It is essential to missionary work.
Thanks for your prayers! I pray for ya’ll every day. I love and miss
you all. I still hate that I can’t call when I’ve had a bad day, or
when something fantastic happens. I’ll admit, Missionary work is hard.
But Salvation isn’t easy. So here we go another week!

Sister Laura Luke


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