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Monday, August 13, 2012

Howdy Y’all,
Oh man, I can’t believe it’s that time again to report to you the
happenings of this past week. Time really does fly. Well this week has
been great, just like the ones in the past.

Texas Life
This week I have come to a realization just how many BIG and NASTY
bugs are here. My number one hatred has to be cockroaches. They are
filthy little creatures that come out at night. I’ve seen some just
dead in peoples driveways and secretly pray that the person doesn’t
answer the door. I’m sorry to say that, I need to get a better
attitude. I also mentioned the Cicadas. We actually saw one the other
day, they are terrifying also. You should look them up. And there are
these baby ants that crawl up your legs and bite you to death!

P-day fun:
Guess what we did for a lot of p-day today? Shopping at thrift stores neat huh? I found a skirt for three dollars. I guess I get to keep my old addictions on the mission too!I had a fun first pday in the mission. We went to the top of the tallest building in Amarillo. We had to be sneaky about it. But it turned out to be a whole lot of fun. We hung out with the other sisters a lot. Which is fun because they have all been out for a while and are old pros at mission life. I just learn from them all. 

My very best day this week was when my companion and I decided that
were weren’t using our time as wisely as we should. So on Saturday we
recommitted ourselves and worked our tails off. We found 5 new
investigators that day. I love when you receive direct blessing from
the Lord! That day, we had a bunch of appointments and knocked a lot
of doors. And before I realized it, I was in a skirt with a chain saw
in my hand helping cut down a tree.
I’m still amazed at how versatile missionary work is. 

Later, we met a guy just coming into his house and we were
knocking at the apartment next-door. He has lived a rough life and
told us that it isn’t by accident that we caught him at that moment;
he has been looking for a church for a while now. Neat huh. The Lord
puts us exactly where we need to be, right when he needs us.

On Sunday, We met the other sisters at the hospital we sung songs all
around the hospital. It was fun. People know us there now, and
compliment us. Thankfully, I’ve got a talented companion!

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