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Monday, August 20, 2012

Hi Y’all,

So this was again, another amazing week. ( Are you going to get tired
of me saying that?) But it truly was. I’ve had some of the most amazing experiences. I actually just got done mountain biking at a National Park! Can you believe it? There ARE natural wonders out here in the flat plains of Texas! It’s called Palo Duro Canyon and it looks like southern Utah. Ah it made me home sick for sure! I really wish we went backpacking before we left.  Well I’m happy to report no injuries (I was a little nervous). I’m surprised, I think I actually like mountain biking. I can’t wait to get back to Utah and try out some trails. We met up with our whole area so there were a ton of us! There
is a view that you can climb up to, and the view is amazing! It’s
called lighthouse rock. Google it.

This week was combined zone conference, and would you guess it? Elder
Paul E. Johnson, a General Authority came! He’s main responsibilities
are to oversee all of the church education. So I’d say he’s got something pretty valuable to say. One of the things I admired about him the most was even though he never said it, you could tell that he really loved and appreciated us. He challenged us to be more sincere in our lessons and help our investigators learn on a spiritual level, not just give them the facts. Find where your investigator is spiritually, take them by the hand and lead them to Gethsemane, and the Sacred Grove.  It was amazing. Afterwards, my companion and I had the rare opportunity to interview with Elder Johnson. I guess General Authorities have to leave pretty quickly after the conference. But he chose one district to interview and it was ours. I’m not going to lie,
I was a little nervous. But it ended up being one of the best moments  of my life. I could just really tell how much he cares. He asked if there were anything he could improve for the next zone conference (for the people in the southern part of our mission). I was completely shocked. How could a General Authority ask advice from me, a brand new missionary who doesn’t even have a clue what I am doing here? His humility humbled me. I learned so much about Christ like attributes from this remarkable man.

We had a fantastic lesson on the Book of Mormon last week. I think we really inspired them to make it apart of their everyday life and they have all seen the blessings it brings.My companion and I taught some really great lessons this week, the one that stands out is one with our friend who has attended MANY congregations.  He was interested in learning more about our church because he has heard a lot of rumors about our church. He told us honestly, I don’t even get why they send you to the “panhandle” because there are so many people here that are anti-mormon. I said that it’s all worth it when you meet someone that is truly ready to hear the gospel. We explained how we view the Godhead (I never thought that was such a unique characteristic about out church). He totally agreed with us. As we were leaving, we said, “well, you now have two Mormon friends.” And he said, “Yeah, and maybe I’ll be someones Mormon friend someday.”  Oh man! It was amazing.

I can testify to y’all that this work brings me so much happiness. I wouldn’t change it for anything. Yup, even when that door is slammed after some blow to our church is said. It’s worth it to find that person who has been thirsting for the Gospel. I’m so blessed to have this opportunity to be on the Lords errand.

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