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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hi Y'all,

How are y’all doin? Emails from Mom and Dad made it sound like it was another busy week at the Luke residence! So fun that Bryan and Jo got to come to town AGAIN. Boy, that is sooooo much driving for your little family. I’m so glad to hear that you are happy and safe! Jo thank you SO much for the General Conference CD’s! I love them. And they are from Gordon B Hinckley’s time. I love that! I’ll be responding to your letter next Pday! And Em, Thank you for the calendar! It was such a nice surprise and I was in desperate need of it! So because it was Labor Day, we are just now getting to a computer to communicate with y’all. Mom, Yes, I use my companion's bug repellant. If mosquitoes like you in Utah, they LOVE you here. And yes, I am eating. Transfers were actually this week on Tuesday. My, it was nuts. One of our Sister friends transferred to Lubbock and this is her last transfer. My companion and I have gotten really close to her so we might have shed a few tears. Man, for a girl who says she doesn’t like change, this is my worst nightmare!!! Change is a given every 6 weeks. We were sad to see a lot of our elders leave us in Amarillo. Bugger. But my companion and I are still here (it was kind of a given).

Alright shall we talk about a few things that happened this week? My companion and I spent a great deal of time knocking and trying to find new friends to teach because our last two friends are baptized members now. We met some one named Rambo! Yes, I know what you are thinking…. Rippling biceps and a red bandanna tied around his head. This description does not quite capture our friend Rambo. Anywho, our friend is an avid member of a nondenominational church down here. On one of our Pdays he took us on a tour of this MASSIVE facility. It was far different than anything I have every grown up with. The building was HUGE and held playgrounds for the kids while the adults went in to service. Tithing booths were strategically placed EVERYWHERE. And they had stores and coffee shops right next to the auditoriums where they worshiped. These stores are opened on the weekend (Saturday and Sunday). I tried to feel the spirit there, but it just wasn’t happening for me. Touring that church just strengthened my testimony in my own religion. I know that the Lord does not put any worth in money. He is in search of the meek and humble.

We have taught Rambo a couple times and helped demolish the bathroom in our friend's home (I know, it must be my calling in life). It was good old time! Rambo’s neighbor that referred us, came and helped. I think this neighbor  is amazing. I just think this neighbor truly understands “dropping your nets and going to work.” What a great example for Rambo. Our friend was so grateful to us. Our friend planned to march up to the preacher during his sermon and tell them that the only people who helped demolish the bathroom were a bunch of Mormons.

We met another friend that has a 2 year old son and spouse. I know the Lord has been preparing our friend for this! He wants our new friend to hear the gospel because my companion and I felt prompted to knock at the door when we weren’t even planning on knocking on our friend's street. Our new friend has a sister in-law who is a member and brother who is taking the lessons. At our return appointment, my companion felt prompted to change the lesson from the restoration to the Plan of Salvation. What an inspired girl, I am so grateful for her.  When I told our new friend that we can be with our children forever, our friend got emotional. I know that the spirit works through both of us as a companionship to help our investigators feel of God’s Love.

Another friend that we have been working with wants to know that this is the true church before joining. We are struggling to help our friend. Really the only way to come to that knowledge is by study and prayer. If our friend does not take those two steps, God cannot speak to our friend. Our friend is also expecting a huge “lightning bolt” answer. We explained that it may not come like a lightening strike but more like a sun rising (Bednar Analogy). Which do you think is more substantial and long-lasting?  I know the Lord works line upon line; here a little, there a little. I know that as we do the small and simple things, it is the nourishing soil for miracles. You will receive answers, peace and comfort. That is the Lords promise to us. And he always keeps his promises.
Know that I love y’all! I feel so blessed to be a missionary during these times. I feel like the Lord is protecting me from the worries and cares of the world. He is providing safety for my soul. I know he is in every single one of your lives blessing you, even in the fine details. Thanks for the letters and support! I really do love them! It just makes my day to hear from family and friends!

Love, Sister Laura Luke

P.S. Since I do not have contact information for my friends Kailey, Rick , and Jeanette …. You get a very impersonal email. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Y’ALL! Hopefully you read these….

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