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Friday, October 5, 2012

So good to read your letters today! 
I am so proud of my aggies!! Keep me updated on their game with BYU. And.... remember how I absolutely love our dried apples? If you really have as much as you claim, you might want to send some my way.

So… this week was rather an interesting week. 
Our friend is still progressing. The more and more our friend understands about the church the more it makes “perfect sense”. But it can always make you nervous to leave your old life style behind. We continue to talk to our friend about baptism, and it is always positive. Our lessons are so awesome! Everything we teach our friend either already practices or wants to implement. I pray that our friend will have the strength to do the Lords will.

Our other friend is doing so well also! Last week for our ladies lesson, we decided to have each person teach a part of the plan of salvation to us. No… this was not some ploy to get out of teaching….  It turned out to be a great success! Everyone studied and prepared a great deal before, so it was awesome! We gave our friend the spirit world. Our friend ended up studying that AND the resurrection to learn more. I love hearing recent converts or nonmembers teach because they point out details that I often leave out when I teach. I learned so much about teaching! I love them! But our friend is great and knows the church is true. Just needs to find the courage.

We may have to stop teaching a couple of our other friends because they are trying to convert us. They really love Jesus. And they are so happy and excited all the time!  They really like us though and always set up a return appointment. As we left they declared, “I’m going to take y’all out for steaks next week!” There is something loveable about these friends.

My allergies to cats have been confirmed.
My companion and I found an abandoned kitten the other day while we were riding bikes. So… nothing left to do but put the kitten in my bag and bring it knocking with us. (Yeah, I never thought I was an animal person either. But it was adorable.) And actually, we were able to talk to people that normally wouldn’t have listened to us. Everyone here loves animals. So we have a new door knocking technique. We brought the kitten home, and gave it a nice bowl of warm milk. Then put it in our bathroom because we had to hurry to another appointment. That night, we decided to leave the kitten in a nice neighborhood so she could find a home. (Tired of swollen eyes and terrible smelling bathroom) But we saw it sitting there all alone, and felt terrible. So we brought it home with us again. Luckily, the next day our neighbor found her a nice home in the country side! We were so relieved, because we are really not supposed to have pets. That stupid adorable kitten made us do irrational things. You can bet that I won’t be putting anymore kittens in my bag. I learned my lesson. Thank you very much.

All in all, it’s been a great week! Really the weeks are flying by! I can’t believe I’ll be out for almost 3 months in a couple days! I have moments where I wonder if I am really doing any good out here. Then the Lord directs me to someone who needs the gospel, or a recent convert shares their testimony. These experiences are gentle reminders that I am where I need to be right now. I sure do love you! Thanks for all you do! I think and pray for you daily. I am so blessed to have my family. 

Love, Sister Laura Luke

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