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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Hi y’all!
ISo…. Remember that new car we got just last Monday? Funny story. On Tuesday, my companion wasn’t feeling well (turns out she had the flu…..) and we stayed inside. Well, that morning our manager came and knocked on our door and asked us if we could move our car because there was this ginormous moving truck just inches from our front bumper…… but honestly, there wasn’t any place to move, they blocked us completely in. Any who, they ended up crushing our front bumper.  You can imagine our vehicle coordinators surprise when we called him and said, “So Elder Kelly, remember that new car we got yesterday? It’s broken.” Yeah, trouble seems to find us…. Even when we are parked.
So because Sister Lao was sick this week, we only got to work a couple days. But we had some good experiences in a short amount of time. We went out to teach our friends that live in the small town this week. They completely dived right in to the Book of Mormon. Which confirmed that they are really sincere about learning more.  They had so many questions about the things that they read and it was hard to keep up with them. But one of them came to church yesterday and loved it! He told us that he plans on coming back next week.
We also finally met with our other friend. We haven’t been able to meet with her since we set her baptismal date and we still have things to teach her before then so we thought the date should be postponed. We were worried that she wasn’t interested anymore, but when we met with her it was the complete opposite. She told us that last week she wasn’t able to go to church and she didn’t read much of the Book of Mormon and she noticed that she was missing something. She told us that she had intention of letting this happen again. When we told her that she probably wouldn’t be able to be prepared for the baptism in January,  but we could do February 19th. She asked if we could work towards February 2nd! She really is ready, and I’m so happy to be here to see her accept the gospel. I’m starting to become that creepy missionary who lays up half the night thinking about the people I am teaching and how they can progress. Something is wrong with me.
I love y'all! thanks for your love and support!
Love, Sister Luke

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