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Monday, February 4, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,
So it seems like Utah is getting all of the poor weather, and we are left with all the good. Freezing rain sounds exciting! I remember when there were freezing rains in Logan. Campus was like an ice skating rink! Apparently Lubbock gets freezing rain in the winter but I haven’t seen it yet. This week has been BEAUTIFUL! I keep asking my companion “Is this seriously January?” because the weather is like early April or late March weather. I have had no need to wear a coat or even a cardigan. I think it is a blessing that I was sent to a place that isn’t anywhere close to mountains because I would be way too tempted to “go finding while we hike” or “teach a lesson up the canyon.”
This week we decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and to try to find people to teach on campus. I’ll be honest, wasn’t the most fruitful activity we could have done. It really consisted of Sister Lao and me walking around awkwardly smiling at people…. Once they saw our name tags, they avoided eye contact. We would just giggle to ourselves because we felt so weird….. Didn’t help our image. Then we just looked insane. By the end of that hour and a half, we were invited to support the wake board team as they go to nationals, live in the dorms, got free coupon books, and join the polo team (believe it or not, I’m considering it when I get home. ha) A student even coaches us on how to approach people on campus. We were able to invite some people to church also. Weird experience…. But I’m glad we had it!
IMG_0006[1].JPGThis week we have been pretty busy! We have had a lot of lessons. Our friend preparing for baptism is still solid! So excited for baptism. Whenever we talk about it she glows! Lessons go really well with her. She has a lot of faith and readily bears her testimony. Before we even teach her a specific principle, she already commits to live it a couple days before. It is so thrilling to see her get to this point. The ward has been awesome with her and really welcomes her in. I love this ward. Stop me if a gush…. But they are really sensitive to others needs. Whether they are fellowshipping someone who isn’t a member or someone who doesn’t come to church as often, they are like family. It is so cool to see.
We met with another friend this week also. He really has a desire to learn. And he sincerely puts in the work. When we saw him on Saturday, he had read out of the Book of Mormon and like the first 10 chapters of the Gospel Principles book. He pretty much taught the Plan of Salvation to himself, and loved it. As we ask him what he believes, we find that his beliefs fall in line with the things that we teach. He told us that he feels like he is meeting with us for a reason. That he needs to know this information for the future.  And turns out he is on an intramural basketball team with one of our members. I’m telling you, God cares about the detail of our lives and puts people in our lives for a reason.
One of our members brought their friends to church on Sunday. It’s this cute girl. It was ward conference on Sunday so we had some pretty amazing meetings. In Relief Society the stake R.S. President asked what everyone was feeling up to that point. This girl raised her hand and said how welcomed and loved she felt. It was awesome. Hence why the College Park Ward is pretty great.
I realized last night as I was writing in my journal how quickly people come in and out of my life. Especially as a missionary. These relationships can just be “there” or I can really have them mean something when I put effort into it. And they are strengthened when I look beyond myself and focus on others. That is the beauty of the gospel; it teaches us to focus on others.  When we are converted, strengthen our brethren!  I am so grateful for the people that I have met, and continue to meet. I feel so blessed to have these experiences to help my testimony grow. I love y’all! And love to hear from you! Have a splendid week. And be safe with all that crazy weather!
Love, Sister Luke


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