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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

This is the mildest winter I have ever experienced! But I did hear a rumor that Lubbock has been entered in to a contest for the city with the most unpredictable weather.  And I just might have to agree. We’ll go from a freezing morning to an incredible dust storm that makes EVERYTHING brown. But….. I won’t have to worry about that anymore. I got my transfer call Saturday night and I am headed to Canyon, a little college town just outside of Amarillo. Everything about this transfer was a direct answer to my specific prayer. It is truly amazing how God really cares about the details of our life. I’ll still be serving with the Young Single adults which I am so happy about, and it’s a branch. But I was talking with the Sister that I’m going to be serving with and she said everyone there is so excited to do missionary work. Also, in Canyon is Palo Duro Canyon which has been my favorite natural wonder here in West Texas…. Well, the only mountainous area…. But it’s in my area.

I may be excited to go to Canyon. But I am really going to miss the College Park Ward. There has been so many good things happening here. Especially this past week. We have met some wonderful people.  Like always, new people to talk about! My first new friend has been dating a member for 2 years and is finally at a point where she is ready to learn about his faith. She is a very devote Catholic and you can tell that meeting with the missionaries has been a big step for her. We’ve met with her twice this week and it has gone really well. She is very sensitive to the spirit. When I was preparing for the lesson on the restoration, the part that stood out to me the most was the “Gospel blesses families” so I spent the majority of the time studying that. The lesson ended up being just that subject especially focusing on the blessings of the temple. The reasons why she was attracted to (the member) is because of how strong he was in his faith. When we are living righteously, people notice. You never know what kind of impact you can have on someone.  Oh! Also this… She cooked Mexican food for us, and it was AMAZING. I’m really sad to leave them.

We also met with another couple in a similar position (man, this week was couple’s week.) They are learning more about each other’s religion because they are approaching marriage. She has been going to the Catholic Church with him for the past 4 months and she has learned a lot. In turn, she has been sharing truths of the gospel with him. When we met with him he admits that the more he learns about our beliefs the more it all makes sense. That’s the beauty of the gospel, the honest seeker will recognize the truth.

I am so excited for this week, with Easter approaching. I feel my thoughts are more focused on my Savior and the sacrifice that He made for me, those that I love and everyone.  As my understanding of His love and sacrifice for me grows, my desire to follow him and His commandments deepen. I want to become the person my Savior has intended me to become because it is built on that foundation of love. I know that everything in life, the experiences we have or the challenges we face or the weaknesses we need to overcome can all be directed back to our Redeemer and His Atonement.

I sure do love y’all all the way from Texas! Have a Happy Easter!
Love, Sister Luke

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