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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hola Familia,
Can’t believe it’s been another week. I must say this a lot, but missionary time is so weird. It feels like one long day. People ask us what we did earlier in the day and I can’t remember. And when I do, it feels like it happened 3 years ago. And my companion said that I am a “real missionary” now because I dream about my mission. And that’s saying something because I never dream. True to form, this week just feels like it has been one long day.
The weather has been pretty great. It’s cooled down significantly. Well…. 80’s when it's really cold, 60's and my companion and I turned on the heater. I’m so glad both of us can’t tolerate cold. It’s been rainy here also. Which sparked my cold. I don’t want to sound winey or anything…. But being sick on the mission is hard. I wished I was at home or at work where someone would make me mint tea, or hot tang, or tell me to leave work and go to the doctor. Because I have a healthy companion ready to go to work, and I’m dragging. And I have to carry on conversations and lessons, and my head is all fuzzy. One investigator we taught this week looked very concerned for my well fair. He fetched me a box of tissues. But despite being sick, we got a lot accomplished.
We had an amazing follow up lesson with one of our friends where we read Mosiah 27. As we were reading Alma the Younger’s words, our friend began to cry, and told us that his words perfectly describe how she felt. It was amazing. And that my friends, is how you apply the scriptures to yourself.
This week was Stake Conference and we got a lot of our friends to come! Two came to the evening session. One of our friends is a whole lot more interested than the other (who is still focused on "saving our souls"). And another friend came to the Sunday Morning session. Which was a huge step. This friend works Sunday mornings so has never been able to come. Well, this week our friend decided to just come even if they had to leave work. And that's just what happened. I’m so happy! Our friend could really use the blessing of the gospel (but don’t we all?).
Holy cow. I’m out of time. Sorry this letter was pretty uninteresting. For some reason, writing just doesn’t sound that appealing right now. I really wish we could just do a big conference call! That would be fabulous! But I love my family and I am so blessed that I can be with y’all forever. I can’t think of exaltation without my family. The moments I am happiest are when I’m with y’all. Thanks for your love and support! I pray for y’all every day!
Love, Sister Luke

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