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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

So as you can tell, I am emailing you a little late. I think Lubbock might have more spontaneous weather than Utah. Yesterday, there I was standing outside without a jacket when we receive a sever blizzard warning. That’s right folks, a blizzard in west Texas. I thought it was a joke….. but sure enough we woke up the next day to a blizzard. Our cars were parked so we couldn’t leave the house. In Utah, It would have been manageable. But our Mission President didn’t trust the Texan drivers in snow…. And I’ll admit. Neither do I. Luckily it was Pday so we didn’t miss out on too much (except emailing you!) But it was really frustrating because we had a really awesome lesson scheduled and we couldn’t go. But don’t you worry; we are seeing them later today. It is with that girl I told you about in a past email. She has known the church is true for over a year now, and she just celebrated her birthday so now she can meet with us. and her mother can’t stop her. I am so excited; I will definitely let you know how her lesson goes next week. Any who for the rest of Pday, we just wrote letters, cleaned, and ate something called monkey bread. So delicious…. You should make it!
This past week has been awesome. We have really worked hard. I’m really happy to be serving with my companion. I have already learned a lot in the short time that we have spent together. This past week we have seen a lot of effort put in by the members. They are really great about sharing the gospel and introducing us to their friends.

This past week, we were teaching a new friend about the restoration. As we were teaching him, a roommate came home and sat in the lesson to listen. We continued on with our lesson and their third roommate came home. By the end of the lesson, we had a full house! That’s the great thing about serving with young single adults. They seem more open minded and they even encourage their friends to learn more.

We have been really focusing on helping the ward missionaries to fulfill their calling. It has made me reflect on how I handled my callings in the past. And I am ashamed to say that I did not give my full attention to what I was asked to do. Just as a missionary is assigned to a specific area for a reason, I know that the callings we receive in the church are divinely inspired. God gives us a portion of his children for the perfecting of the saints. I would like to encourage you in whatever God has asked you to do in His church to reevaluate your responsibilities and find ways to do your calling more effectively
I love y’all so much! Thanks for your support and examples!
Love, Sister Luke

West Texan Blizzards aren't for sissy's. 

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